I may have neglected my blog for the past few weeks, however, the government has not neglected its take-over of the United States of America. With the passing of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), The Expatriation Act, The Military Commission Act, they have singlehandedly placed blinders on your eyes and pilfered your “inalienable rights” which very suddenly became objective within the past month.

And, of course, this all sounds too crazy to be true; because your government, though you know it is somewhat corrupt, is not out to ‘get you.’ You know you’ve been lied to, but it’s only about things concerning money–not your family’s well-being, your mind’s functionality, and your basic freedoms. I, like you who think this way, believed something very similar for years. Why would anyone be out to get me? And, even if the assumption that they are is true, isn’t that rather narcissistic–to assume that you’re important enough to be a target of even a large organization, let alone the Federal Government?

I’m here to tell you that, no, it’s not narcissistic, it’s not foolish, and it’s not crazy. There is a war out for your mind, as Alex Jones so vehemently protests, because you are dangerous. You are a free being, whose mind is capable of unlimited possibilities and goals. You are the majority of the world–merely a few hundred, perhaps a thousand, people control the world’s governmental organizations while there are billions of you–and if you got the unstoppable idea in your head that you could control your own life and your own well-being, you could very-well ruin the plot of the world’s elite. They–the United States Government, the British Parliament, the European Union, the Bilderberg Group, Monsanto, and other elitist organizations–have worked tirelessly to make you think that you are simply a lamb to be herded; utterly fatal if left to your own resources.

This is a lie, and you’ve been fed it since birth.

From the dehumanizing and unnatural manner which babies are brought into this world to the funeral and coffin that costs your loved ones an unnecessary amount of money, everything you are spoon-fed is a fallacy. It’s too incredibly hard to wrap your mind around that fact, however. As a human being, one assumes that humanity is innately good, that the light will always win, and these may very well be truths, but your government–your owners (Did you know that your Social Security Number is traded on the stock market? Look it up and see how much you’re worth)–is working against the ideology that right will win. They are wrong and they know it, else these methods would be advertised with pride.  You may also beg the question of whether or not this is true. Are they really intentionally out to get you, or is it just a governmental mistake that your freedoms of speech, privacy, etc. have been abolished? Here’s a quote that summarizes why that is not the case:

“If we were merely dealing with the law of averages, half of the events affecting our nation’s well-being should be good for America.      If we were dealing with mere incompetence, our leaders should occasionally make a mistake in our favor. We . . . are not dealing with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning and brilliance.” — Gary Allen

Now, all of this information seems to leave you as the victim. These men and women (most of whom can be psychologically classified as psychopaths) are out to get you, after all. The problem with that philosophy is that you let them. Of course they did it while you weren’t looking, but the problem is that for one moment you weren’t looking. Evil will encroach upon anyone who gives it a chance to, and the people of the world have taken the longest nap-on-duty ever recorded. You have handed over amounts of your paycheck, your right to be vaccinated, your right to be informed by saying, “It’s okay,” to corporate-controlled media, and the list goes on. It has almost reached the point of no return.

However, I did say “almost.” Your VOICE is your only asset at this point–you’ve already handed everything else over. Speak up, Nation. Speak up, World. Say no. Don’t buy genetically-modified foods, don’t drink  your water laced with fluoride, don’t vote for someone who is simply the lesser of two evils. Be independent, be open, and be free. Do not hold yourself to the morals and methods society offers, because most likely those were simply placed there to gain control over you.

You are who you are.

You are valuable.

And you are dangerous to the status quo.

Go get ’em, folks.