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The Federal Emergency Management Agency released a statement today that they are developing contracts for emergency housing camps, that are equipped to house emergency workers and “displaced citizens” within a 72-hour set-up period. These camps are available to primarily emergency workers, but allows displaced citizens opportunities of employment within the camps. The camps provide housing for up to 2,000 people per camp.

FEMA puts out contract for emergency camps to house “displaced citizens”

Sounds nice, eh? Here’s the problem:

Define “displaced.” The definition, in this case according to Google, of this word means “taken out of its usual place.” Of course, FEMA is implying that these situations which will take citizens “out of place” would be emergencies, i.e., a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, etc. And not to mention all of the false-flag operations the United States’ government has approved and executed, no pun intended, these disasters are hardly put into effect within a timely manner.

Comparisons of the 9/11 disaster to Hitler’s Reichstag Fire

In 2005, the failure of city, state, and federal government was all-too real for the people of New Orleans and several other Gulf-coast towns after Hurricane Katrina. Third-world-like conditions made the people of America sick to their stomach; bodies rotting in the street, lack of evacuation, lack of food and water for weeks at a time, and the list goes on. These people were displaced, yes. But who is displaced today?

Homelessness. In the Orlando area, and many other metropolitan areas in Florida, it is nearly illegal to be homeless. It is illegal to feed the homeless without a permit. It is illegal to wash one’s face, shave, or wash one’s clothes in a public restroom in the Orlando Metropolitan area. This legislation, only helping the rich yuppies Orlando wishes to promote, is not only harming the homeless, but causing them to continue within their homelessness. For every smell the homeless possess, they are given a dirty look. For every spot or hole in their clothing, they are looked down upon. But the fact of the matter is, that within months, that could be you and me.

The average American is nearly 6 months away from homelessness. With the current debt status, loan-sharking, and floundering dollar, we are left living paycheck-to-paycheck with little-to-no savings. Without a savings account, or area within one’s budget, everyone is one check-engine light, one broken arm, one layoff away from being homeless.

Yet, we separate ourselves by using the terms “they” and “us.” The only difference between the average homeless person and the average person is one word. And once someone has lost their home, are they not… displaced?

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