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Inspired by a writer’s block breakthrough and a certain friend’s Facebook post, I took the chance to reflect upon myself and ask the very question that has been asked of me by my peers, friends, family, and my conscience: “So, you’re aware of all of this oppression. You’re aware that there is a New World Order, that it is upon us. That there are certain individuals working together that believe they have the right to rule humanity, regardless of any innate rights we are supposed to possess. You’re aware that society has been fed hormones, chemicals, and genetically modified material specifically designed to make the population apathetic. You know that they’ve succeeded so far… so, what are you going to do about it?”

Step One. Turn around. We, as a public, have been moving like herded sheep for a long time. I do not necessarily believe that this is a bad thing. Of course, there are leaders, there are followers, and there are those who function as both for a brief period of time. Every person has its place, its role, and no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, it is impossible to function as a body of consciousness without every individual involved. However, there is a place and a time for redirection, which is something our society has done without for far too long. When you allow a leader to lead for too long of a time period, you run into a problem of redundancy. Productivity, or lack thereof, is always moving–be it forward, or backward. Wallowing in what seems to be a perfect system can be one of the most dangerous things possible.

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Although national anthems and amber waves of grain tend to invoke passionate feelings of pride and patriotism, at some point in one’s life they must begin to wonder, what is truly “good” or “evil.” It is a simple thought process to follow, taking its first step with the question, “Is my truth, the right truth?” With so many opinions and so many different theories about the issues in life no one really knows about or understands, it is highly improbable to reach an educated answer to these questions definitively without thorough investigation. The author of “Is America exceptional? Liberals, conservatives agree — and disagree,” believes he can answer that question, however, with this simple conclusion: yes, all Americans agree that this country is exceptional, though what categories it is truly exceptional in are left to debate. With every opinion there are differences, though, there seem to be far too many “blanket statements” within this article to leave it untouched and unchallenged.

David Lake, an “acting Dean of Social Sciences” at the University of California begins his piece with an almost immediate attack on those who classify themselves as Conservatives, showing extreme personal bias toward the Liberal cause: “Conservatives believe the United States is exceptional because its people are inherently good… Liberals see the United States as exceptional because of our principles of limited government, embedded in the Constitution. Accepting that inherently good Americans often have different ideas of what goodness means, liberals celebrate our system of checks and balances,” (Lake). This bias completely ignores evidence, as bias tends to do, of the Liberal’s lack of practicing its own passion of Constitutionalism, and the Conservatives’ obviously marred vision of what “inherently good” people are like.

President Barack Obama has been the loyal and sole leader of the United States of America for nearly three years, and has managed to make a mockery of the Constitution the liberals and their obvious idol (working under the assumption that Lake is an accurate spokesperson for the Liberal Party) claim to view as the best and most exceptional benefit America has to offer. “After the Vietnam War, Congress passed the War Powers Resolution, which granted the president the power to act unilaterally for 60 days in response to a ‘national emergency created by attack upon the United States…” (Ackerman). When President Obama engaged and initiated warfare in the country of Libya throughout what is widely known as the Arabian Spring, he and his administration ignored the fact that Libya had not caused any harm or threatened the United States with any warfare, by any definition of the word. This was in direct violation of the War Powers Resolution, along with blatant ignorance of the time constraints given to Obama’s Administration of 60 days, with 30 days given to remove troops from the country the President acted upon without Congressional approval (Ackerman).  This unashamed  disregard for the Constitution proves that there is no possible way Liberal Democrats show even the slightest respect, let alone celebrate, the beauty of the checks and balances system.

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