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Trayvon Martin, died age 17

It seems as though everyone has heard of (and has an opinion) about the Trayvon Martin story. There are apparently only two sides of the story one can take without ridicule; (1) Martin was murdered by an over-zealous, racist, George Zimmerman for doing nothing other than being black, or (2) George Zimmerman was a victim of a failed system which lead to an unsafe neighborhood he felt the need to defend.

I do not take either side, because neither side is completely correct. Only two people  know what truly happened that fateful night; one of them is alive and the other isn’t. We must only examine the evidence.

The Police Report. When Sanford police arrived on the scene, they reported that there were 6 witnesses–3 men and 3 women–most of them described as “white” and the last described as “other.” The witnesses’ reports all seem to reach about the same conclusion: there was a certain amount of scuffling, cries for help from one or both parties, a gun shot, and silence. There are some who claim that the cries were that of Martin due to the fact that they stopped immediately after the gunshot. Though, this is simply speculation, it leads the general population to believe that Zimmerman confronted Martin without justification, and in a paranoid frenzy killed the young man.

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